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Plastic Parts

Barich can supply a large variety of plastic molded components made from a number of materials to suit the particular application. Many of the parts we have supplied have been used in appliances, power tools and tool accessory kits. All of the listed items are made to our customer prints and specifications. Tooling costs are generally from 10% to 20% of what is normal stateside. Machine capabilities range from parts that weigh as little as 2 ounces to parts that weigh several pounds. Some items that we have supplied include:

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We are currently working with a new customer on the development of a specialized garden type trowel molded with unique features and of a high tensile strength.

Rubber Parts

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We also have several sources that are capable of supplying a multitude of rubber molded parts such as tool protectors, pads and bumpers that are used in appliances, handheld electric tools and gasoline powered lawn and garden equipment. We have an excellent source for wheel assemblies used on walk behind mowers. Just send us your prints or concept drawings and we will work with your technical people in developing a product that will exceed your expectations. We will aid in the material selection, part configuration, and applying tolerances that will ensure form, fit and function while insuring long tool life.

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