Barich Forging and Tool Information

Forgings and Tools

Barich can provide a number of custom forgings and machined parts made to customer prints and specifications. Following are some of the parts we are currently supplying to our customers: Forged aluminum connecting rods, Cutter guides, Blade fixtures, Spindle shafts and racks and pinions. Typical uses are in electric power tools and lawn& garden tools. Our partners fabricate all tooling in-house including all machining jigs and fixtures. .

Forging Picture

Tools and Accessories

Barich has sources to supply tools of all types from hand held electric powered tools to specialized cutting , router bits, carbide tools, carving bits, forged and stamped wrenches. Many of these items we have custom packaged. We have also supplied packaged router edge guide that included steel stamped parts, machined parts, a forged part, plastic molded parts and screw machine parts.

Our sources in China have the capability to produce all types of machine cutting tools such as end mills, standard drills, special drills and saw blades.

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