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Precision Bearings

Barich can provide precision ball bearings in metric sizes from 6mm to 60mm and in inch size R4 to R12 (3/8" through 3/4") in miniature, extra light, light, medium and large configurations. The bearings are manufactured to ABEC-1 and ABEC-3 quality levels. We can also supply bearings to EMQ (electric motor quality, manufactured and inspected under Z1 to Z3 noise levels) where quiet running bearings are especially important.

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Barich is also able to source and provide water pump bearings with shafts, double row self-aligning ball bearings and double row spherical roller bearings.

Our customers are currently using these bearings in lawn and garden equipment such as trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, rototillers, edgers, brush cutters and lawn mowers. These bearings can also be used in circular saws, routers, carvers and other electric hand held power tools.

Bearing Shaft Picture Other uses for Barich bearings include electric motors, alternators, generator sets and household appliances.

Quality Sourcing to Customer Application

Barich will work with your technical people to determine the exact bearing for your particular application and match your requirements to our best suited factory. All of our factories are evaluated by Barich personnel and audited regularly several times per year. Our factories are certified to ISO 9000 or will be in the very near future.

Bearing Picture Barich uses bearing specification forms to help determine the right bearing for the customer application. Operational items such as RPM, working environment and expected life are used to determine the radial clearance, closures, lubrication and unique features that will ensure customer satisfaction. After a bearing is qualified for a particular use the factory hallmark ensures that the customer always receives the bearings from the same factory that was originally qualified. This is not the case with many bearing distributers.

We can offer assistance in your assembly process, can help troubleshoot associated failures and can have the factory analyze bearing failures with the Chinese Bearing Institute involvement as necessary. We also utilize independent labs for metallurgical analysis and dimensional conformance.

Custom Bearing Products

One of our factories has the unique capability to develop "special" bearings. They recently developed a unique world class one direction clutch type bearing that has found application in washing machines and small punch presses. We are currently working with a major U.S. home appliance manufacturer in a testing program to get this product qualified for use.

Barich will work with your specifications to develop a product to meet or exceed your expectations at a very competitive price. Call Barich or e-mail us to get the ball rolling on your cost reduction programs.

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